Bologna – Smoked over hickory wood served with mustard, coleslaw and Sims Famous Bar-B-Que sauce  


Lemonade Brisk, 7up, Strawberry, Mug, Mountain Dew, Diet Pepsi,Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Sweet or Unsweetened Tea, Raspberry Tea, Smirnoff Ice.  Beer is also available.


Ribs – Served with or without Sims Famous Bar-B-Que sauce


Pork – Served chopped cooked over hickory wood covered with our Sims Famous Bar-B-Que sauce

Franchise Information

Franchise Information: The original Sims BBQ was started in 1937.  Amelia and Allen Sims opened up a restaurant and served BBQ with what became known as the “World Famous Sims BBQ Sauce”.   For more information concerning franchising at a free- standing or strip mall location, please contact: Ron Settlers – 501.690.6370 or Percy 501.224.2057